What is Research in Translation?

Research in Translation was an exciting training programme designed to offer knowledge and first-hand experience to Early Career Researchers (ECRs) on how to communicate their research to the public through museum exhibition displays. Working closely with museum practitioners, design professionals and museologists, participants learnt the skills and techniques necessary to developing a small display that would present an element of their research to a wider audience.

The specialist, disciplinary specific nature of  research means that academics can often find it hard to present their work to non-specialist audiences in a meaningful way. As the benefits of knowledge transfer become more apparent, being able to get across your research to the public (and to potential funders!) in effective, engaging and creative ways is a very important and valuable ability.

Research in Translation was an international partnership between the School of Museum Studies (University of Leicester), UCL Qatar, Birmingham Museums, the Ironbridge International Institute for Cultural Heritage (University of Birmingham), and the design consultancies Land Design Studio and Metaphor. It was funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council through the Collaborative Skills Development ECR-led call (September 2013).

The project was developed and managed collaboratively by Dr Ceri Jones (Research Associate, Research Centre for Museums and Galleries, University of Leicester) and Dr Serena Iervolino (Lecturer in Art Curation and Museology, UCL Qatar, Doha, and Honorary Visiting Fellow, School of Museum Studies, University of Leicester). Our mentor was Dr Suzanne MacLeod, Head and Director of the School of Museum Studies, University of Leicester.

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