Display cases

I managed to find several photographs I took of the display cases in the School of Museum Studies in the downstairs entrance lobby. Unfortunately I have none of the stairs or upstairs – there is one large display case at the top of the stairs and films can be projected in the stair well onto a large back wall. The walls in the public corridors upstairs have also been used effectively for exhibitions. Hopefully someone else might have a photograph to illustrate these? Until then here are some images of the display cases that are downstairs. The exhibition was an early one in the School using material loaned from staff and museums concerning war and conflict. This first image shows a wide shot of the entrance lobby – the main entrance doors are on the extreme right of the picture. I am looking towards the double doors which lead to the upstairs offices and lecture rooms. There are two display cases in this part of the hallway.

MS display case 4

This second image shows a close-up of the case towards the back of the first picture. It is next to the double doors leading upstairs. As you can see it has 3 shelves – you can walk around to the “back” of the case.

MS Display case 1

This next image is a close up of the second display case in the first image. It is the first case you see when you enter the School and is to the right of Reception / front office.

MS display case 2

This next image is taken from the case next to the double doors leading upstairs looking across the entrance lobby. You might just about make out another display case in the background, behind the pillar, which is to the left of the entrance doors as you enter the school.

MS display case 5

Here is a close up of that case, which has one shelf inside.

MS display case 3

One of the text panels from this exhibition.
MS example text panel
With the next two pictures you have to use a bit of imagination as they were not taken with the display cases in mind! In the blurry background you might just make out a series of display cases – these cases are not in the public area. There are four cases in total.
MS display cases 7
MS display cases 6
I hope that gives you a better idea of the opportunities for display we have in the School.


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